Drilling Mud Additives

Whether your rig is drilling in -4 degrees, above 60 degrees, or even working in brine, Dover Chemical has a drilling mud additive that can help your operation work more efficiently. Let our family of Doverlube products help reduce torque on directional drills and improve rate of penetration on your vertical drilling projects. 

Doverlube DFA-1535

Doverlube DFA-1535EM

Doverlube DFA-277

Doverlube DFA-4414

Doverlube DFA-0938

Doverlube DFA-0938W


Rotary Drilling and Coiled Tubing Lubricants

These products are Sulfurized fatty compounds and hydrocarbons, and are popular lubricant additives manufactured by Dover Chemical Corporation. They reduce torque/friction by 40-50% in both conventional rotary and coiled-tubing (CT) drillings at 1% usage level in water-based mud or CT formula.

Doverlube DFA-1121
ROP Enhancer for Oil Based Muds (Invert) and Synthetic Oil Based Mud

Inherently self-lubricating, oil based muds typically utilize little additional lubricity additives.  Using a modified Baroid/Ofite lubricity test, Dover Chemical clearly demonstrated that Doverlube DFA-1121 reduces torque on directional drills and improves the Rate of Penetration on vertical drilling.  And, DFA-1121 won’t affect your mud rheology.

Doverlube DFA-600
Drilling Mud Dispersant

Doverlube DFA-600
is a polyol fatty ester, dispersant, oil-in-water emulsifier, and wetting agent which can be used in both WBM and OBM drilling fluids.

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