Rusting in a rubber conveyor belt’s steel reinforcements can mean a much shorter life for your rubber products. Dover Chemical's Chlorez® and Hordaresin outlasted comparative chlorinated paraffin products in a side-by-side test. Chlorez® and Hordaresin also perform well in combination with antimony oxide, improving tensile strength and tear properties in Neoprene, SBR and Nitrile rubber. Learn more about these products below.

Additive Type
Used In Related Products
  • Antioxidants are typically added during rubber compounding to prevent discoloration and loss of physical properties.
  • Dover Chemical has grown into a leading producer of antioxidants by continuing to identify and meet market needs of product consistency, high purity, and fast response time. Our ability to continually develop innovative products and our commitment to working closely with customers have contributed to our success with these products.
  • For more information on Dover Chemical's antioxidants, please refer to the products page for the Doverphos® and Dovernox® products.
Doverphos Liquid PhosphitesDovernox® Antioxidant Blends
Flame Retardants
  • Chlorez® resinous chlorinated alkanes can be used to flame retard EPDM and S-B rubber, in addition to other rubber types. Tensile and tear properties of neoprene, styrene-butadiene, and nitrile rubber are also improved.
  • Chlorez®, Paroil®, and Doverguard products can also be considered as cost effective alternatives for brominated flame retardants in EPDM and SBR.
  • Paroil® liquid chlorinated alkanes and Doverguard brominated flame retardants can be used to flame retard rubber compounds. In addition to providing flame retardancy, they also act as secondary plasticizers.
  • For more information on Dover Chemical's flame retardants, please refer to the products page for the Chlorez®, Paroil®, and Doverguard products.
Chlorez® Resinous Chlorinated AlklanesParoil® Liquid Chlorinated Alkanes, Doverguard Brominated Flame Retardants
Emulsion Stability
  • Milidin trifunctional amines provide emulsion stability and long term pH control for S-B latex emulsions.
  • For more information on Milidin, please refer to the products page.
Milidin pH Buffers

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