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 Chlorinated Paraffins
Global Regulatory Update
Sharing the Latest Facts

With regulations on chlorinated paraffins (CPs) changing in major global regions and the recent announcement of Dover Chemical Corporation’s settlement with the USEPA, there is some confusion and uncertainty regarding their current status and continuing availability.


The terms of the settlement do NOT require Dover to withdraw any of its current CPs from the market—they are Mid Chain Chlorinated Paraffins (MCCP) or Long Chain Chlorinated Paraffins (LCCP). Dover will be able to continue its leadership in the production and sale of CPs for many years to come.


We’ve provided a quick snap shot here of CPs’ regulatory status as of April 2012. For details, and to stay current with updates, please visit or the Chlorinated Paraffins Industry Association at


    ·         C10 to C13 chloroalkanes, which include Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffins (SCCPs), added to the prohibited substances list

    ·         C10 to C20 chloroalkanes on CEPA Schedule 1

    ·         C18+ chloroalkanes, Long Chain Chlorinated Paraffins (LCCPs), declared non-CEPA Toxic to human health

        -          No further action on >C20 chloroalkanes/LCCPs


    ·         EPA intends to initiate action plan under TSCA section 6a to ban or restrict SCCPs

    ·         Current MCCP and LCCP products deemed not to be adequately represented on the TSCA inventory

        -          Pre-manufacturing notices (PMN) are being required by EPA

        -          Dover has submitted

        -          Does not impact the ability to manufacture or sell MCCPs or LCCPs during this period

        -          EPA’s response is expected by October 2012

    ·         MCCP (C14-17) and LCCP (C18-20) included by EPA on the 2012 priority list of TSCA Work Plan Chemicals

        -          Listing simply acknowledges EPA’s plan to work on these substances in 2012

    -          Activity anticipated to be part of the PMN review

        -          Dover is addressing the issue

        -          This also does not restrict the production or use of MCCPs and LCCPs during the assessment period

European Union

    ·         SCCP, MCCP, LCCP are all REACH registered

    ·         SCCP is on the Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) for Authorization

        -          Its uses will be closely evaluated by the authorities but it is not technically prohibited today

    ·         MCCP is NOT considered a PBT substance in the EU

        -          There are additional evaluations underway regarding the environmental fate of MCCP

    ·         LCCP is NOT classified as hazardous to human health or the environment in the EU

United Nations

    ·         SCCP continues to be considered a persistent organic pollutant (POP)

        -          Stockholm Convention has yet to vote on it

        -          It was voted down in the last five sessions


For additional information or questions, contact:


Tom Kelley, Global Business Director, Chlorinated Products
Dover Chemical Corporation


Andrew Jaques, Manager
Chlorinated Paraffins Industry Association


3637 Davis Road N.W., Dover, OH 44622

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