Nov 28

Written by: CC
11/28/2012 6:22 PM  RssIcon

On November 26, 2012, OSHA issued citations to Dover Chemical Corporation after conducting a three-month inspection of the company’s Dover, Ohio facility.  OSHA, among other things, is requiring Dover to provide process information about its piping and operating procedures as part of Dover’s abatement actions.  OSHA is also requiring Dover to complete action items from its regular safety audits and hazards analysis more quickly.  Dover has been conducting internal safety audits and working with outside experts for several years to insure that the processes conducted at its facilities are safe.  Prior to receiving these citations, Dover had already resolved many action items identified during its most recent safety inspections, has already abated some items contained in the citations, and is in the process of addressing other safety-related issues. 

Dover has requested an informal meeting with OSHA representatives to discuss the citations, and has 15 days to contest some or all of them.  OSHA’s citations do not contain any finding that Dover’s employees or the surrounding community face imminent risk of injury.  No emergency measures were requested by OSHA.

Dover fully cooperated with OSHA during this recent inspection and produced hundreds of documents concerning its safety programs, processes, and components.  Dover will continue to cooperate with OSHA.  It will address these citations consistent with its commitment to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and to sound safety practices.