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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced yesterday a postponement until mid-2017 on production of mid (C14-17) and long C(18-20)-chain chlorinated paraffins.

The decision was disclosed by Maria Doa – Director, Chemical Control Division US EPA,  at a Metal Removal Fluids conference held yesterday outside Chicago where she was a keynote speaker.

She also confirmed that the deadline is for manufacture, not use, and that users will be able to continue using existing stocks after the 2017 date.

Dover, along with the Chlorinated Paraffins Industry Association (CPIA), has been working with industry trade associations, the Department of Defense, and congressional representatives to develop the case for retaining MCCPs/LCCPs versus the elimination of these products.  Going forward, the EPA has requested critical use data and replacement chemistries to define how they will ultimately treat the MCCP / LCCP chemicals.  Our focus will be to provide this information and continue the dialog with the USEPA toward a favorable resolution that best supports the environment AND the marketplace.

While the additional time granted by the EPA is very appreciated, we understand that additional work is needed, and we will use this additional time productively to advance an EPA compliant and market-friendly result.  We will be having further discussions with EPA in this process, and will certainly keep you informed of all developments.

We greatly appreciate all the support this issue has received from the many industry trade groups that have been involved.

If you have any questions, please contact your Dover Chemical sales manager or myself.  


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