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Dover Chemical Corporation Locations:

3676 Davis Road NW
Dover, OH 44622-0040
Phone: 330-343-7711 | 800-321-8805

3000 Sheffield Avenue
Hammond, IN 46327
Phone: 219-852-0042




Customer Service

Sales & Marketing

Damon Stevenson
Global Business Unit Leader, Chemical Intermediates

Brad Barth
Global Business Manager, Lubricants

Lou Bona
Global Business Manager, Metalworking Additives

Tom Kelley
Global Business Manager, Flame Retardants and Chlorinated Alkanes

Matt Fender
Global Business Unit Leader, Additives

Brian Lobner
Product Manager/New Product Development Manager

Trisha McNutt
Product Manager, Additives

Wendy Finch
Marketing Coordinator/Customer Service Manager

Chris Ricklic
Distribution Sales Manager


International Sales & Marketing

Louis E. Bona
Global Business Manager, Metalworking/Lubricants

Michael Davies, Ph.D.
Sales Manager, E. Europe, Germanic, Ireland, Scandinavia, Middle East, South Africa, UK

Wen-Chao Shi
Sales Manager, China

Michimasa (Mike) Yonekura
Marketing Manager, Northeast Asia

Regional Sales Managers & Sales Representatives

Jim Williamson
Northeast Regional Sales Manager
Cell: 330-284-0600

Bryan Boyd
Southeast Regional Sales Manager
Cell: 330-340-1972

Mike Bonomo
Chicago & West Regional Sales Manager
Cell: 330-365-7575

Mark Harr
Midwest Regional Sales Manager
Cell: 330-204-3000

Heath Colvin
Midwest Regional Sales Manager
Cell: 330-243-6158

Ken Topping
Regional Sales Manager - Drilling Fluid Additives
Cell: 330-987-7622


Technical & Applications Information

Mick Jakukpca, Ph.D.
Director of Research and Development

Patricia Secrest, Ph.D.
Flame Retardants, Dispersants, Paints and Coatings
(PIBSA, Chlorez, Doverguard, Doversperse, Paroil)

Jacob Weingart, Ph.D.
(Para- & Di-Nonylphenol; Para- & Di-Cumylphenol)

Jacob Lance
Polymer Additives, Antioxidants, Plasticizers
(Doverphos, Dovernox)
Brad Barth
Fuel Additives

Duong Nguyen  
Drilling Fluids and Lubricants

Karleen James
General EHS Inquiries

Jim Moore
Environmental Issues    

Janice Austin
Product Registration

Jodi Showers
SDS Requests

Mike Dieringer
Quality Issues