When it comes to PIBSA, your search ends here.

Dover Chemical’s PIBSA plant, ideally located at our Hammond, Indiana site, was built to be flexible and efficient. Dover Chemical makes a full line of Polyisobutylene Succinic Anhydride (PIBSA), so ask us first.  Dover Chemical is not limited on PIB molecular weight; we will process PIB up to 2300 molecular weight, which makes Dover Chemical as flexible as your product line.  We utilize the thermal process to convert PIB and maleic anhydride to PIBSA, so residual chlorine is not a concern.  High reactive or conventional based PIBSA …. that’s your choice because Dover Chemical has reliable supply of both, and more. Naphthenic oil, neutral oil, solvent dilution, not a problem we have them all. 

Need to go beyond just PIBSA?  Dover Chemical has multiple capabilities to make a variety of PIBSA derivatives.  All you have to do is ask.  Our full support Research and development team can help optimize your molecule. Dover Chemical is here to help the niche market make their good idea work, and for the mass producer that may need some additional capacity.  We can fill a drum, a tote, a tankwagon or a railcar.

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Dovermulse H-1000

Dovermulse H-1013P

Dovermulse H-1020P

Dovermulse H-1035N

Dovermulse H-1335P

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