milidin gx-3

Milidin GX-3 was formulated for use in various systems as an additive for emulsions and aqueous solutions where control of pH is critical. It prolongs the useful life of aqueous solutions and emulsions by stabilizing the pH at 8 -9. It does this by acting as a buffer during the changes in chemistry that take place in a solution or emulsion over time. These changes include the effects of oxidation and additive depletion as well as reduced pH. Milidin GX-3's high reserve alkalinity acts to minimize these effects by ensuring the system maintains or stays close to its original pH. This ensures the system will continue to function as it was designed, reduces degradation, and improves long-term stability.
Milidin GX-3 is compatible with other additives that are stable under alkaline conditions. It does not contain any phenol or phenolic derivatives, heavy metals, nitrates, nitrites or nitroso-amines. It is a low toxicity product.
Milidin GX-3 can be added to water based solutions or emulsions so that the concentration in the finished material is 1000 - 2000 ppm, a level sufficient for pH control. 

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Milidin GX-3

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