Flame Retardancy

  • Chlorez®, Paroil®, and Doverguard products are used in intumescent flame retardant coatings. Chlorez® products improve hardness, while Paroil® and Doverguard products plasticize the coating.
  • For water-based coatings, the Paroil® and Doverguard products can be readily emulsified. Pre-dispersed chlorinated alkanes are also available in the Doversperse product line.
  • Chlorez®, Paroil®, and Doverguard products can also be considered as cost effective alternatives for brominated flame retardants in coatings and adhesives.
  • For more information on Dover Chemical's flame retardants, please refer to the products page for the Chlorez®, Paroil®, Doverguard, and Doversperse products.

Chlorez® Resinous Chlorinated Alkanes | Paroil® Liquid Chlorinated AlkanesDoverguard Brominated Flame RetardantsDoversperse Water Dispersed Chlorinated Alkanes

Improved Adhesion

  • Formulation with Paroil®, Chlorez® and Doversperse products generally improves adhesion and reduces moisture vapor transmission. In many formulations, these products improve polar adhesion and are often used when adhesion-to-metal or other non-porous surfaces are difficult to achieve.

Chlorez® Resinous Chlorinated Alkanes | Paroil® Liquid Chlorinated AlkanesDoversperse Water Dispersed Chlorinated Alkanes

Water & Chemical Resistance

  • The Paroil®, Chlorez® and Doversperse products have beneficial effects for resistance to chemicals and sea water.
  • The Chlorez® products are also low-cost extenders for expensive vehicle solids. Up to 20% of epoxy, chlorinated rubber, etc. can be replaced.

Chlorez® Resinous Chlorinated AlkanesDoversperse Water Dispersed Chlorinated Alkanes


  • Antioxidants can be added to powder and coil coating formulations to prevent discoloration and loss of physical properties.

Doverphos LGP Phosphite StabilizersDoverphos® Solid PhosphitesDovernox® Antioxidant Blends

Emulsion Stability

  • Milidin trifunctional amines provide emulsion stability and long term pH control for water emulsions.
  • Milidin products can also aid in pigment dispersion and act as thickener activators

Milidin pH Buffers


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