Doverlube metallic stearates

Doverlube metallic stearates are recommended as a general lubricating additive in plastics processing; internal lubricating properties ease extrusion and mold flow of many plastics compounds.They are also used as a mold release agent, preventing preforms from delaminating, reducing adhesion of compounds to inside surfaces of molds and increasing mold life. Metallic stearates give excellent resistance to color degradation at elevated temperatures; particularly suitable as internal lubricants and mold release agents where higher than usual processing temperatures are encountered. Metallic stearates are recommended for maximum clarity in unpigmented PVC and polystyrene compounds; also minimizes "plate-out" tendencies in PVC extrusion compounds. Metallic stearates Increase water repellence of concrete, cement, stucco washes, magnesite and fiberboard; imparts water resistance to asbestos, paper stocks, boxboard, cardboard, textiles and explosives used in mining.

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Doverlube CA-20

Doverlube CA-21

Doverlube CA-22

Doverlube ZN-20

Doverlube ZN-22

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