Rotary Drilling and Coiled Tubing Lubricants

  • These products are Sulfurized fatty compounds and hydrocarbons, and are popular lubricant additives manufactured by Dover Chemical Corporation. They reduce torque/friction by 40-50% in both conventional rotary and coiled-tubing (CT) drillings at 1% usage level in water-based mud or CT formula.

Doverlube DFA-1535 | Doverlube DFA-1535EM | Doverlube DFA-277 | Doverlube DFA-4414 | Doverlube DFA-0938Doverlube DFA-0938W | Doverlube DFA-LC60

ROP Enhancer for Oil Based Muds (Invert) and Synthetic Oil Based Mud

  • Inherently self-lubricating, oil based muds typically utilize little additional lubricity additives. Using a modified Baroid/Ofite lubricity test, Dover Chemical clearly demonstrated that Doverlube DFA-1121 reduces torque on directional drills and improves the Rate of Penetration on vertical drilling. And, DFA-1121 won’t affect your mud rheology.

Doverlube DFA-1121

Drilling Mud Dispersant

  • Doverlube DFA-600 is a polyol fatty ester, dispersant, oil-in-water emulsifier, and wetting agent which can be used in both WBM and OBM drilling fluids.

Doverlube DFA-600


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