paroil® Liquid chlorinated alkanes

Dover Chemical continues to be the leading producer of the most widely used extreme pressure additives - Chlorinated Alkanes. Our ability to custom-formulate unique corrosion inhibition and viscosity properties ensures our continued success as an innovative manufacturer in the industry.
Paroil®, Dover Chemical's brand of liquid chlorinated alkanes, is based on the chlorination of waxes and normal paraffins. A variety of products are available with chlorine contents from 40 to 70 percent and with viscosities from 2 to 1000 poise at 25°C. Chain lengths available include MCCP, LCCP, and vLCCP.

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long chain chlorinated alkanes, c20+

Paroil 500

Chlorowax 40®

Chlorowax 41-SW

Chlorowax 50®

chlorinated esters

Doverguard E-35

Doverguard E-40

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